How often do students meet with tutors?
Students meet with tutors for one hour per week at a scheduled time for each subject.

Can my child sign up for more than one subject?
Yes. Students can be tutored in both math and reading/ELA.

What is the cost?
Since the Center was founded to assist students from families with low income, there is no fee. However, we do ask a registration fee of $20 per student for families that can afford it.

Is transportation provided?
No. Parents are responsible for arranging for transportation to the Center.

How do I enroll my child?
Email us or call (585) 254-5110. We will send you an application and set up an interview to determine the child’s needs.

How are volunteer tutors chosen?
Volunteers choose us! We then provide screening (mandated by NYS) and training. Volunteers work with a math or reading supervisor, who designs the student’s program.

How can I volunteer?

Email us! We’ll send you the application form and contact you for an interview.