What We Offer

Tutoring for grades 1-9

Notre Dame Learning Center provides volunteer tutors for children in grades 1-9 in both English Language Arts (Reading) and Math.

Tutors work with students one-on-one to provide personalized assistance.  Each student works on an academic area suggested by the parent, teacher, or as the result of diagnostic testing.  Parents say the bond formed between student and tutor is as beneficial as the academic help.

Enhanced learning experience

Small group learning experiences are included to help students hone their social skills and learn co-operation techniques, all in a safe environment for inquiry and exploration.


Internet access is available and encouraged for discovery and exploration of relevant topics of interest to the child. ChromeBooks are also provided for students at the Center.

Summer Program

In the summer, the Center may offer an enrichment program, which helps students maintain the gains they made during the school year.

Previous programs included a trip to the Seneca Park Zoo.